At TAG Dental, we provide a full range of dental services. We use trusted and reputable brands of dental materials for all our treatments as well as techniques that are backed by research to provide you with the best long-term results.

Today’s rapidly emerging technologies and science are providing more sophisticated and complex solutions to problems encountered in general dentistry. The advances are changing and enhancing the dental practice environment, and we are at the top of all the technological progress.

As a Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) accredited clinic, you can also subsidies with your CHAS card.

Oral health and tooth pain.

You may experience tooth pain or discomfort at some point in your life no matter how conscientious you are about your oral health.

A cavity is mostly the cause of tooth pain. However, there are other possibilities such as tooth sensitivity. You should visit a dentist soon if you are concerned about the pain. Book an appointment with us today for a consultation on your oral health.

Are you facing wisdom teeth pain and looking for any pain relief? Schedule a trip to the dentist with us now and have your wisdom teeth removed. You can learn more about what causes wisdom tooth pain.

Did you know that a wisdom tooth extraction may be claimable with CPF Medisave? You can also use your parents or spouse’s Medisave to copay for the medical and dental claims.


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